Service/Programme Name

Programme Objective

This is a corporate workplace health promotion programme designed and directed at improving employees ‘lifestyle and general health’ benefiting both individual employees and the organisation.

Programme Features

The Live Well workplace programme includes guidance to the employees to assist them to improve their fitness, reduce/quit smoking or alcohol intake and help reduce the risk factors for cancers, heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension and a number of other lifestyle and chronic diseases. Guidance is also provided to the employers for providing access to a broad range of healthy living programs and reinforcing these with promotional material.

Duration/ Sessions

Option 1. Two hours session (talk-power-point presentation) for the employees.

Option 2. Half day workshop which will include Health risk assessment of the employees, followed by 1 hour talk (power-point presentation) by Dr Geetanjali Sharma, and a team of experts in the field of Public Health, physicians, chest physicians, clinical psychologists, nutritionists, followed by group works (with participation of employees & employers). Follow up of high risk individuals for laboratory examination and nutrition & behaviour change counselling.

Benefits of the Programme

Addressing diet and physical activity and risks of substance abuse (tobacco/alcohol) in the workplace has the potential to improve the health status of workers; contribute to a positive and caring image of the company, improve staff morale; reduce staff turnover and absenteeism; enhance productivity; and reduce sick leave, health plan costs and workers’ compensation and disability payments’

Workshops and sessions organized by a team of experts in the field of Public Health, physicians, chest physicians, clinical psychologists, nutritionists who are also available for expert consultations. A complete health risk assessment profile of the employees will be done with follow up laboratory examination of the high risk individuals. Innovative methods to educate the employees such as health quiz with awards as t-shirts, tote bags, sweat bands, gift certificates with health slogans etc. organizing “A heart-healthy cook-off”, Hand out recipes of healthy foods, These are sessions providing information and raising health awareness and not just a like other wellness programmes but a complete comprehensive package of promotion of positive health and prevention of diseases amongst of the employees.


Provision of certificates to the organization as “Corporate with best health promoting practices”. These certificates will be provided to the organizations following the criteria/guidelines as per the checklist of the “Health promoting, healthy workplace”