Service/Programme Name

Programme Objective

The overall objective of school health promotion programme is to improve student performance by increasing healthy life skills through healthy school environment and health behavioural change which positively contribute to academic achievement and increased self-esteem.

Programme Features

Grow up Healthy” programme is an initiative to build health knowledge, skills and healthy behaviours amongst the youngsters so as to enhance their cognitive, emotional and educational outcomes and promote health of their families.

Duration/ Sessions

We offer a package of 4 sessions (one per quarter) on key health topics for each school which is of 1 to 2 hours duration.

Besides, these we organize celebration of “HEALTH WEEK”, “HANDWASHING WEEK”, "HEALTHY YOU"-NUTRITION WEEK, Healthy Cooking Station (providing tips on preparation of healthy snacks/meals) and , Formation of HEALTH CLUBS.

A number of health topics are covered under the GROW UP HELATHY programme, relevant to the health of school children such as inculcating healthy behaviours, increasing awareness about the importance of hand hygiene/hand washing, clean water & sanitation and various water borne diseases, food safety, first aid for common ailments, dental hygiene, information on nutrition and common nutritional disorders, obesity prevention, adolescent health issues related to smoking, tobacco & alcohol consumption, girl’s health/menstrual hygiene, importance of immunization/vaccination etc. This information is disseminated through health talks, debates, painting competitions, puppet shows/mascots and health camps. Besides this regular health check ups by a team of experts and regular dissemination of health information material (pamphlets, flash cards, posters, newsletters etc.) is organized under this programme.

Separate health awareness sessions for teachers/staff, students and parents are organized on regular basis.

Benefits of the Programme

Schools are the most strategic places to positively affect the health of children and young people as school is the place where kids spend the majority of their time, outside the home. Families also benefit by the vast pool of health information and skills that the child brings home from school. We make sure each of our schools have the best coverage by bringing together parents, teachers, schools administers, and students to play a specific part to create change.

A health promoting school environment can serve as the foundation for a lifetime of healthy living. Promoting healthy lifestyles among students today will help reduce their risk of developing various non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as cardio vascular diseases (heart disease), diabetes, cancers, stroke etc. which is presently killing around 8 million people across India. These diseases are primarily preventable with lifestyle, nutritional and behaviour modifications. Also, the burden of various communicable diseases (as typhoid, gastroenteritis, flu, jaundice) is preventable if common hygiene methods are adopted by children and their families.

We at Wiseapple believe in primary prevention so that these health problems can be tackled early, at a stage when the disease has not manifested.

A team of public health experts, physicians, chest physicians, clinical psychologists, nutritionists and public health nurse is available for expert consultations. A team of public health experts, physicians, chest physicians, clinical psychologists, nutritionists and public health nurse is available for expert consultations.


Schools adopting all the key components of Health promotion will be allocated the “Health Promoting School” certification under this programme.

These schools will also be offered the subscription to the quarterly Newsletter on health promotion in schools.

Distribution of innovative materials with health messages such as T-shirts, stationary material, posters, seasonal fruits etc. as award for the event winners