Services We Offer

Programmes on Health Promotion and prevention of diseases: We offer a range of health promotion programmes for school & college children, parents, school and college staff, young professionals and specially designed programmes for girl’s and women’s health through health awareness sessions and workshops we organize in different settings. These sessions include talks, interactive programmes, quiz & debates, distribution of health promotional material (printout/hand-outs/posters), sponsoring awards and distribution of healthy rewards for various events

Some of the topics discussed during the sessions/workshops are as below:
Topics for school students Topics for parents Topics for corporate staff, school staff & college students
Hand washing Obesity Prevention Lifestyle diseases-Prevention control
Prevention of Obesity Importance of Physical activity Healthy Heart programme
Importance of Physical activity First Aid Tips Diabetes prevention
Healthy food & Nutrition for kids Prevention and control of Malaria/Dengue Prevention of common Cancers related to diet & tobacco/ alcohol intake & physical inactivity
Food safety Dental Hygiene Occupational health & safety
Dental Hygiene Cough Hygiene Food safety
Cough Hygiene Nutrition of kids Importance of Physical activity
Anaemia-Prevention & control Food safety Nutrition awareness
Menstrual Health & Hygiene Influenza-Prevention & control Tackling medical emergencies (epilepsy, asthma attacks, injuries, first aid tips)
Adverse health effects of Tobacco & Alcohol use Pets and kids health women’s health package
Prevention & control of Asthma Importance of Immunization & vaccination
Basic health check ups for students (includes general physical examination, anthropometric measurements, screening of anaemia amongst girls & referral services) Basic health check-ups for corporates includes Health Risk Assessment, anthropometric measurements & BMI, BP, Blood Glucose measurements & referral services


Health information dissemination in schools is done innovatively through mascots (such as animal/fruit/vegetable shaped mascots) and puppet shows on a number of heath topics. Painting competition/Debates /Quiz/Slogan writing/Poster making organized on relevant health topics for students.

Healthy Cooking Station- We provide tips on preparation of healthy snacks/meals for corporates and during school fairs/fetes. Awareness on physical activity by organizing events such as cycling competitions, runs etc.

Distribution of promotional materials with health messages such as hand-out, print-outs on health tips T-shirts, stationary material, posters and seasonal fruits as rewards etc.